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Timely and high-quality service support is “the basis for sustainable business development and customer loyalty”.

A developed network of special service support centers providing high-quality repair work using innovative technologies and, as a result, ensuring conditions for the sustainable development of our customers’ businesses, including large mining, construction and industrial companies, sets special requirements to service support level.

EURASIAN MACHINERY implements a new integrated approach that allows customers to choose equipment meeting the needs of their businesses, to ensure availability of necessary parts and, most importantly, to obtain comprehensive service support, while saving time and money.

Service Support Services

Highly skilled service support specialists are ready to provide the following services:

  • 24/7 full service support on-spot using consumables and spare parts (MMR and MARC contracts maintaining equipment operational readiness ratio);
  • 24/7 warranty and post-warranty equipment maintenance;
  • Arrival on the customer's call (MMR and MARC contracts maintaining equipment operational readiness ratio (on-spot service support));
  • Weekly monitoring of equipment;
  • Assembly and major repair of equipment in the field;
  • Spare part management;
  • Computer-based diagnostics of malfunctions;
  • Equipment maintenance;
  • Repair of hydraulic systems;
  • Repair of main components and parts;
  • Repair of transmissions and engines;
  • Chassis repair;
  • Repair of electrical equipment.

Each service support center contains a repair and diagnostic workshop, equipped with special tools and equipment, including diagnostic ones, for providing a full range of services to equipment owners.