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Kumtor Mine, Kyrgyzstan
Hitachi dump trucks Autonomous Haulage Solution -AHS-
Hitachi Rigid Dump Truck with Trolley
Vast open pit mine with Hitachi excavator and dump truck at work
Company’s Opening Ceremony "Eurasian Machinery"
Hitachi EX8000-6 Excavator in Mozambique
Hitachi Select Parts Promotion Video
Hitachi EH AC-3 Rigid Dump Truck : Promotion Movie
ConSite – Hitachi technology to support your business
Hitachi Mining Equipment. Reliability proven by time.
Hitachi Aerial Angle for Mining Excavators and Dump Trucks
Hitachi “SkyAngle” controls safety around equipment
Opening of Heavy Machinery Service Center
Company opened a Heavy Machinery Service Center in Karaganda
CRC Video Eurasian Machinery