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MTU 20V4000 GS L32ER

MTU producer is leading and globally-recognized manufacturer of the Gas Gensets, fueled with natural gas and biogas. There are models: with Combined Heat and Power applications (CHP), for operation at high ambient temperature, for operations with use of gas fuel with low methane number.

Solutions for operation Capacity 
at 0,4 kV, 6,3 kV, 10,5 kV voltage 2145 KW


Established in 1909, the manufacturer of diesel and gas-piston engines, the MTU is Rolls Royce Power Systems brand.

Providing technical and consultative support to existing and potential customers in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, Eurasian Machinery has broadly deployed offices, stocks, service centers and professionals.

The MTU Diesel and Gas-piston generator sets secures reliable solutions for your needs in energy: mechanical, electrical, and heat. Having efficient performance, low fuel consumption, low environment emissions, and long interrepair time, our generator sets are dedicated to fulfill objectives for development and growth of your core business via raise of productivity rate – lower cost of production and higher revenues.

The business in Kazakhstan counts on us to demonstrate the optimal solutions for wide range of applications – from hospitals and data centers to airports, factories and power stations.

Our portfolio includes diesel up to 3520 kW generator sets, gas power stations up to 2,5 MW, at voltage of 0,4, 6.3 and 10,5 kV range.

Values and benefits:

  • Lowest Fuel Consumption;
  • One of the best loading factor in industry;
  • Durable operation cycle;
  • High Efficiency of Diesel Gensets;
  • Low emission;
  • Designed for reliable and durable operation;