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Mobile Service Support means that a Maintenance Team will go to the equipment’s location from nearby available regional Maintenance Center of Eurasian Machinery. Each Mobile Maintenance Team has a specially equipped transport with the required tools to conduct onsite repair, diagnostics, technical support and etc.

Expert Group will promptly conduct a complete diagnostics and repair of Your equipment at any level of complexity. Such a convenient solution will save time and allow You to resume operation in a short time.

Why should You trust us?

All specialists undergo certification regularly and upgrade own skills.

10 Mobile Maintenance Centers, 8 warehouses of spare parts located in different regions.

We use only original materials from the best global manufacturers.

All Eurasian Machinery employees bear responsibility for the work outcome.

Accurate handling with complicated systems.

Mobile Engineers have all necessary tools to conduct maintenance.

We guarantee that all works will be performed at a high level.

Only Customer defines which spare part to use.

Before starting seasonal work or during winter or autumn work, we provide Customers with a full inspection and repair and preventive maintenance. Due to this Your equipment will be put into operation after a long downtime without the risk of emergency stop.

Mobile Maintenance Team has a full functionality of the regular service and is good as it and more it saves useful working time and funds by uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

Customer may use EM accessories and consumables or offer own. After the work is done, the Customer will receive a technical report, recommendations for correct equipment operation in order to avoid its emergency downtime, as well as a list of necessary spare parts. Payment for work can be both advance payment (wireless transfer) and post payment, wireless transfer according to concluded Agreement.

Remote HITACHI Machines Monitoring.

We are also pleased to offer Customer ConSite Communication Modules System.

This System allows HITACHI owners to:

  • organize remote monitoring of a machinery park;
  • view monthly reports, error logs;
  • view notifications on a mobile phone depending on e HITACHI model.