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Non-destructive testing of career and construction technique

Non-destructive testing – is the insertion of an object reliability, and it’s different elements of structure, by methods that non destroy integrity and non decrease operation properties of an objects.

There are nine basic types of non-destructive testing methods that bases on different physical phenomenon’s:

  • radio wave method;
  • electrical;
  • ultrasonic testing method;
  • eddy current method;
  • magnetic;
  • magnetic-powder method
  • thermal;
  • x-ray method;
  • dye penetrant inspection method;
  • visual inspection method.

Types of non-destructive method that Eurasian Machinery uses

Eurasian Machinery company, as official dealer of construction and career technique manufacture Hitachi, for non-destructive testing use several method, shown below:

Visual inspection method

Visual inspection – is one of the optical type non-destructive testing methods. It based on getting information of a testing object during visual inspection or with using support optical devices and measure tools.

Dye penetrant inspection method

Dye penetrant inspection – non-destructive testing method, based on penetration of specific liquid substances into object’s surface defects under the action of capillary pressure, as the result defect area surface becomes color contrast to other inspecting surface.

Ultrasonic testing method

Ultrasonic testing - method, which use high frequency sonic wave beams goes through material for inner and surface defects detection. Sonic waves goes through material with some energy loses (damping) and reflect form surfaces. Reflected beam (flaw echo) gets and analysis, for measure defect existence and position.

To learn more, download the presentation:

Download the presentation