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This service is suitable for remote facilities. Eurasian Machinery’s personnel will work at Customer’s facility and perform maintenance on a rotation basis.

What is Customer’s benefit in this case? EM bears a full responsibility for maintaining materials stocks and conducting an overhaul. In addition, the cost and capital investments determined at the stage of Agreement will remain constant until the agreed period end.

At this stage, it is also possible to define performance benchmarks for the equipment. Such as operational readiness (KPI); averages (MTTR).

Types of Permanent Maintenance Agreements:

  • Technical Consulting without materials - SSA.
  • Technical Support with materials, establishing a warehouse of spare parts and materials at Customer's site - VHS.
  • Full maintenance and repair with materials - MARC/ MC.

Table of services included in these Agreements.

Five types of the Agreement Guaranteed machine operational readiness Personnel and organization Equipment and fixtures Guaranteed cost of components Guaranteed availability of components Lubricants Delivery Warranty
1 FMC/Maintenance and Repair Agreement Possible Additionally
2 SSA Technical Consulting
3 Components Upper Price Limit Agreement Depending on specified quantity
4 Supplier’s Agreement for spare parts storage
5 Lubricants Supply Agreement

As part of Permanent Maintenance, Eurasian Machinery undertakes to organize all the necessary procedures, repairs and maintenance of machinery park regardless of the distance and weather conditions at the facility.

Work will be organized in the shortest possible time we will make all calculations, plan and settle other organizational issues. We have spare parts warehouses all over Kazakhstan and Components Restoration Workshop in Karaganda. This allows us to guarantee a high level of equipment readiness and speed of delivery everything You need.

We cooperate with big enterprises like ERG, KAZZINC, KAZMINERALS, ALTYNALMAS, NMMC (Uzbekistan), Kumtor Gold Company (Kyrgyzstan), etc.