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Manufacturer: ROBIT

Robust DTH hammers – wide range and all the sizes of blast hole, general purpose, well drilling and reverse circulation hammers. Hammers have robust design as well as minimized fuel consumption and optimized air flow with the highest performance.

Efficient DTH bits - for drilling blast holes, well as RS models for sampling. Robust designs for the maximum penetration rate in hard and abrasive rock conditions.

Patented Casing Advancing Systems with spiral locking. Sizes from 114,3 mm up to 1220 mm. Wide range of ring bit, wing bit, essentric and dril through models. Proven quality worldwide-references in all applications.

Reliable Shock absorbers-Efficient damping available for 2" up to 33" hammers.

Strong Drill pipes – Sinlge pipes available from OD 76 mm up to 323 mm sizes and double pipes from OD 406 mm up to 1220 mm. Tool joints API reg. and HEX standards.

Wide range of Accessories – Wide range of subs, check valves & hammer sleeves, air hoses and chain keys.