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Our Experts regularly undergo practical training and internships directly at the factories of manufacturers around the world. Therefore, EM Engineers thoroughly understand the design and operation of machines.

Professional competence of our Maintenance Personnel will save You time and funds as duration of diagnostics and repairs is significantly reduced. Downtime is reduced and progress indicators are increased.

Service Training Department conducts the following trainings:

  • Hitachi dump truck operators.
  • Hitachi excavator operators.
  • Hitachi service personnel.
  • Mechanical Engineers of Hitachi equipment.
  • Retraining of Hitachi equipment operators.

Training on CYBERMINE high-precision training complex.

It is designed to train mining excavator operators. Such simulators are used all over the world and show a high practical result, since the learning process is close to reality. Using CYBERMINE allows students to reduce errors and gain real practice without using a real machine.